The Blue Nile was about space and time. For close to seven years it stood as a snapshot of living history, an amalgamation of Harrisonburg’s past artistic endeavors living and evolving within the present of the building.

The closing of the Blue Nile created an outpouring of emotion, memories and discussion around the artistic and musical community of Harrisonburg and why the space was so important to the city. These memories, and their physical counterparts, are scattered throughout the minds and hard drives of hundreds of people, both temporary and permanent residents of Harrisonburg who graced the space and felt the Blue Nile's charms.

As a community, we have an opportunity to collect these artifacts and create something tangible to share and remember. We can become the curators of the history we all helped to shape in one way or another. The Blue Nile Book Project is seeking to collect the physical manifestations of the Blue Nile in one central location and publish them for permanent remembrance. But we need your help. If you are interested in contributing to this project, we are looking for the following:



This is your time to express what the Nile meant to you. Write an essay, pen a poem, share an anecdote. Tell us what made the Blue Nile special to you, how your life was impacted by its existence or its loss. All work will be edited for grammar and will be sent back to you for final approval before publication. Anonymous submissions are also welcome.



Have a flier from an event you booked or show you attended? We'd love to consider including it in the project. Scans, photographs, or the physical copy itself are welcome. Please include a rough date of the event if possible. 


Any high resolution live photographs of bands, poets, or any event that you have, please send it in! If possible, please include the subject matter (name of band, poet, etc), and a rough date of when the photograph was taken. All photographs will be attributed accordingly.



Let your creative spirit run free. Draw a comic strip from the last Gifts From Enola show; paint a picture of No Requests; send in portraits of you and your friends at the Nile. Anything you want, we'd love to take a look. 



Please send any and all submission to You can also call Cory Kuklick at 703-999-6955 to learn more